我们对食品服务行业的需求了如指掌:时间、速度、性能和一致性。Each cup or plate has its own set of needs, and our top-quality products meet them all – back of house or front and center.




On the go, at home or in the supply chain – food products need protection.  Our offerings ensure you’ll find a board, box or paper product that fits your specific needs. 

  • Brown and printed boxes
  • Bulk bin boxes
  • Coatings
  • CounterKraft® bleached and pink butcher paper
  • FlexKraft® kraft paper
  • FlowKraft® kraft paper
  • Masterserve® cupstock, platestock and bottomstock
  • ProLock® anti-slip tier sheets
  • Recycling – programs and global commodity trading
  • Safe Food initiatives and certifications
  • Sterling Coated Rollstock® – bakery, fish, meat


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