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好的业务不仅体现在增长,更需体现在创造价值。我们主张以有益于客户和 GP Cellulose 的方式增长,构建长远发展。GP Cellulose。Growing Smarter™。

一切皆源自我们的 DNA。和我们所做的每一件事。

安全性、可持续性、客户至上、创新、品质、创造价值,这些 DNA 理念使我们独具特色,与众不同。仔细端详,您便会发现,这些理念在我们所做的每一件事中都得到完美诠释。

Green Hand® 项目

通过参与 Green Hand® 项目,您可以加入 GP Cellulose,帮助联合国儿童基金会(UNICEF)为中国儿童打造健康安全的学校。

.How You Can HelpThe Blue Hand® Project | Green Hand® 项目

The Blue Hand® Project

Positive results from The Green Hand® Project (2013 – 2019), response from customers, and a desire to support critical needs in countries where we do business led us to expand the program to India. From 2019年1月 to 2020年12月, GP Cellulose will make a donation of $1 to the UNICEF USA for every metric tonne of Golden Isles® fluff and specialty pulp purchased by customers in India with a maximum contribution of $500,000, to WASH programs in schools and pre-schools (Anganwadi Centers, or AWCs). 

Already in 2019, GP Cellulose’s funding has contributed to UNICEF’s WASH programming in India, including by:

  • Supporting hygiene messaging on Global Handwashing Day and improving WASH services for more than 615,000 schools, benefiting more than 73 million children.
  • Educating over 1,000 school officials, supervisors, village health workers and community members on WASH practices in pre-schools and schools in Bihar state – currently targeted as having the worst WASH indicators in the country.

Funds donated will also be used for capacity building and communication work to strengthen the national WASH in Schools program, which includes:

  • Creating four advocacy briefs to advocate for stronger national policies supporting WASH services in schools and AWCs
  • Conducting 20 training programs for teachers and school management committee members on the Clean Schools, Clean India campaign
  • Conducting 20 training-of-trainers for staff of the Department of Women and Child Development on WASH in AWCs
  • Supporting a national communication strategy for the Clean Schools, Clean India campaign and WASH in AWCs

The funds donated will impact pre-schools, primary schools, secondary schools, teachers, Anganwadi workers and staff of Education and ICDS (in-charge of Anganwadi centers).

Support from GP Cellulose will contribute to UNICEF’s national WASH strategy and intervention that will impact 15 vulnerable states, which are: Bihar, Uttar Pradesh, Rajasthan, Gujarat, Madhya Pradesh, Chhattisgarh, Jharkhand, Orissa, Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka, Telangana, Tamil Nadu, Maharashtra, West Bengal, and Assam. 

All statistics regarding India are provided by UNICEF.



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Green Hand®​ 项目

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